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Short Long Vowel Task Cards Find the Missing Sound Activity Kindergarten


This bundle of short & long vowel task cards includes a range of short & long vowel task cardssuitable for Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade students who are learning about short and long vowel sounds. This pack of task cards covers the short vowel sounds - a, e, i, o, u found in a range of CVC words. This bundle also covers the long vowel sounds - ai, ay, ee, ea, ie, ugh, oa, ue and oo.


Children need to look at the picture, picture & word or just word then identify the missing sound in the CVC word or missing long vowel sound. Your students can then write the correct sound on the response worksheet included. 


Each set of short or long vowel sounds task cards is differentiated and includes 3 levels of difficulty. 


Product Overview


  • Covers short vowel sounds and middle sounds
  • Covers long vowel sounds
  • Suitable for Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade students
  • Covers short vowel sounds - a, e, i, o and u
  • Covers short vowel sounds - ai, ay, ee, ea, ie, igh, oa, oo and ue
  • Covers CVC words
  • Includes 6 sets of 26 task cards - 156 task cards in total
  • Includes 3 levels of difficulty - picture only, picture & word or word only
  • Includes response worksheet


How to use this resource


This fun, hands-on activity helps students learn how to identify short or long vowel sounds in words using these engaging task cards.


As there are 3 levels of difficulty included in each set of task cards you are sure to find a variation of this activity to suit the needs of all your students!


These short & long vowel sounds activities can also be used as a