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100th Day of School Activities Kindergarten 1st Grade


These 100th Day of School project include various 100th Day of School activities and is suitable for Kindergarten & 1st Grade students who are celebrating their 100th day of school. These activities help to develop students' ELA and Math skills as well as their creative skills.


These 100th Day of School activities should be used along with my Free Rainbow Activity Display Pack as you and your students can use this to keep track of what activities they have completed. Your kids will love being able to take ownership of their learning and will feel more independent as they will be more in control of what activities they complete when!


Overview of 100th Day of School Activities


  • Suitable for Preschool and Kindergarten students
  • Includes 7 different 100th Day of School Activities (1 for each color of the rainbow)
  • Includes project instructions, activity display labels, individual activity instructions & questions to stimulate discussion with students about their learning.
  • Includes both color and black & white versions
  • Differentiated
  • Activities included:
  • 100th Day of School Rocker Craft
  • 100th Day of School Fix the Sentence Activity
  • 100th Day of School I Can Read Activity
  • 100th Day of School Maze
  • 100th Day of School Find 100
  • When I am 100 Years Old...
  • Design a Party Hat


Full Description of 100th Day of School Project


  • First download my Rainbow Activity Display Labels to go along with this resource. 
  • Set up this display in your classroom showing all your students names. Add an envelope or plastic folder under each student’s name to store their colored lolly sticks, counters etc.
  • Print off your chosen project activity display labels, instruction cards, question cards and activity resources. 
  • There will be 7 different activities for your students to complete over the week. Assign each activity a color of the rainbow. 
  • Set up each activity around your classroom ensuring your students can access the instructions and resources they need. Add the activity display labels to your Rainbow Activity display with the corresponding color.
  • Your students can complete each 100th Day of School activity over the week. Once they have completed each activity, they can place a lolly stick, counter etc of the corresponding color