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Multiplication Multiply by 10 Arrays, equal groups, counting in 10s 1st Grade


These multiply by 10 worksheets are perfect for 2nd and 1st grade students who are learning to multiply by 10. This pack is a great way to introduce the 10 times table to your class! This multiplication pack covers arrays, equal groups and counting in 10s.


Overview of Multiply by 10 worksheets


  • Covers multiplying by 10/10 times tables
  • Suitable for 1st & 2nd Grades students
  • Includes 5 different multiplying by 10 activities
  • 30 worksheets in total


Full Description of Multiply by 10 worksheets


This multiplication pack includes: 


  • Counting in tens - Fill in the missing number activity - 5 pages
  • 10 Groups of... - Students are asked to draw 10 groups of 2 etc. - 5 pages