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Spring Addition within 20 Activity one-to-one correspondence Pre-K Kindergarten


This Spring themed addition activity is perfect for Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade students who are learning to add. This fun, hands on activity will help children get to grips with addition by asking them to look at the calculations on the addition mats then use cubes to build a tower showing their addition calculation. There are 9 different addition mats included in this resource. The mats are also differentiated so you are sure to find an addition mat to suit the needs of all your students. 


Overview of Spring Addition within 20 Activity


  • Covers addition within 20
  • Suitable for Pre-K, Kindergarten & 1st Grade students
  • Hands on activity
  • Differentiated
  • Spring themed
  • Full Color


How to use Spring Addition within 20 Activity


Children read the addition calculation then build the first part of the calculation using one colour of unifix cubes. Children then add on the next number in the calculation using a different colour of unifix cubes. Children can then count the total number of cubes to get the answer to the calculation.


This pack includes differentiated addition mats:

Numbers 0-5 - 3 different mats.

Numbers 0-10 - 3 different mats.

Numbers 0 -20 - 3 different mats.


This Spring themed addition resource can be used with smaller groups or as a Math Center. These addition mats