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Place Value Hundreds Tens and Ones Jigsaws Kindergarten 1st Grade


This set of Place Value jigsaws is suitable for Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade students who are learning about hundreds, tens and ones. These Place Value jigsaw activities explore place value using base ten materials and covers standard form, word form and expanded form. There are 3 different question types included in these Place Value jigsaws and there are 540 Place Value jigsaw matches in total. 


Product Overview


  • Place Value - hundreds, tens and ones
  • Suitable for Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade Students
  • 540 jigsaw matches in total
  • 3 different types of questions
  • Covers standard, word and expanded form
  • Includes images of base ten materials
  • All jigsaw pieces are in color (however these can be easily printed in Black & White if your prefer!)


How to use this resource


This Place Value Hundreds, Tens & Ones resource can be used in smaller groups or as a Math center. You can laminate each jigsaw piece to make these activities last longer meaning it can be used over and over again!


This hundreds, tens and ones resource is differentiated as explained above meaning you are sure to find a variation of the activity to suit all your student's needs.


Place Value Hundreds Tens and Ones Jigsaws

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