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Alphabet Posters Class Decor Pastel Upper and Lower Case Pre-K Kindergarten


This set of alphabet posters with a fun, pastel theme will definitely brighten up any classroom! This set of 78 alphabet posters includes 3 different design variations so you are sure to find a poster design to suit your classroom. 


Product Overview


  • Pastel themed
  • Suitable for any age or stage of students
  • Includes 78 posters in total
  • Includes 3 variations of design


Full Product Description


There are three different designs of posters included in this pack for you to choose from.


The three variations included are posters with:

  • upper case letters only
  • lower care letters only
  • Both upper & lower case letters


The colors included in each design are lilac, pink, turquoise, grey, green and coral.

Each poster features the letter as well as a corresponding picture. 


Alphabet Posters Pastel Classroom Decor

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