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Multiply by 8 - 8 Times Table - arrays, equal groups, word problems


These multiplication activities are particularly good for 2nd and 3rd grade and help to develop their confidence in multiplying by 8. This pack is a great way to introduce the 8 times table to your class! This multiplication pack covers arrays, equal groups, counting in 8s and word problems.


This multiplication pack includes:


  • Counting in eights - Fill in the missing number activity - 5 pages
  • 8 Groups of... - Students are asked to draw 3 groups of 2 etc. - 5 pages
  • Arrays - Students asked to draw array and write matching multiplication calculation - 10 pages
  • Equal Groups - Students asked to draw equal groups to represent a given multiplication calculation - 5 pages
  • Word Problems - Students asked to solve word problems by drawing equal groups, arrays and writing related calculation - 5 pages

Multiplication Multiply by 8 Worksheets

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