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Number Posters Class Decor Numbers 1 - 20 Bold Pastel Pre-K Kindergarten


This is a set of number posters with a bold, pastel theme! These will definitely brighten up any classroom! There are 20 posters included in this pack. These number posters are perfect for any Kindergarten or 1st Grade classroom but can be used with any age!


Product Overview


  • Posters to decorate your classroom
  • Includes numbers 1 - 20
  • Suitable for all ages and classrooms
  • There are 6 pastel colors featured within the design
  • 20 pages in total
  • There is 1 poster per page


Full Description


Each bold pastel poster shows each number represented as the number, word, ten frame and dice in a bold design on each pastel color.


The colors included in each design are lilac, pink, turquoise, grey, green and coral.

Number Posters Classroom Decor

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