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Reading Comprehension Passages Worksheets Guided Reading Kindergarten 1st Grade


This reading comprehension pack includes a wide selection of guided reading worksheets that are perfect for Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade students who are developing their reading comprehension skills. Students can develop their reading and comprehension skills by reading these simple passages and answering the multiple-choice comprehension questions. There is also a version of this resource with the key vocabulary highlighted giving your students support when answering the comprehension questions. There is a full answer key included so your students can practise their peer and self assessment skills by correcting their own work!


Overview of Reading Comprehension Passages Worksheets


  • Develops reading comprehension
  • Suitable for Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade students
  • Includes multiple-choice questions
  • Includes 60 different worksheets
  • Includes a mixture of CVC, CVCC, CCVC and long vowel words
  • Differentiated - includes version with key vocabulary highlighted
  • Includes full answer key


How to use Reading Comprehension Passages Worksheets


Each worksheet has a reading passage at the top for your student to read. After reading the passage your student can now answer the three comprehension questions by coloring in their answers from 3 possible choices.


This pack is differentiated and covers:


  • Sentences featuring CVC words - 10 pages
  • Sentences featuring CVCC & CCVC words - 10 pages
  • Sentences featuring long vowel words - 10 pages
  • Sentences featuring CVC words with key vocabulary highlighted - 10 pages
  • Sentences featuring CVCC & CCVC words with key vocabulary highlighted - 10 pages
  • Sentences featuring long vowel words with key vocabulary highlighted - 10 pages


As this reading comprehension resource is differentiated as explained above you are sure to find a variation of this reading activity to suit the needs of all your students. There are 60 different worksheets included in this reading comprehension pack meaning this activity is perfect for using with your entire class.

This guided reading resource is also perfect for using with smaller groups and as a Literacy Center. You can either laminate each reading worksheet or place it in a dry erase folder before use. Your class can then use dry erase markers to complete then simply wipe clean when finished. This means your kids will get lots of chances to practise their reading comprehension skills as this reading resource can be used over and over again!


This pack is fantastic for using on Seesaw or for Distance Learning as children can work through this pack and each activity becomes more challenging.