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Speech Marks Worksheets Sentence Structure Grammar 1st Grade 2nd Grade


These speech marks worksheets are suitable for 1st Grade and 2nd Grade students who are learning about sentence structure with a focus on speech marks. Each worksheet includes 1 sentence that needs fixing and space for your student to draw a picture to represent the sentence. Children look at the sentence then fix it by adding in capital letters and the correct punctuation (full stops/period and speech marks).


Product Overview


  • Covers sentence structure - capital letters, full stops/period, speech marks
  • Suitable for 1st Grade and 2nd Grade students
  • Includes 54 worksheets
  • 1 sentence and space for drawing on each page


Full Description


Children read each sentence then re-write it correctly on the line provided by adding a capital letter, speech marks and a full stop/period. Children then draw a picture of the corrected sentence in the space provided. There are 54 worksheets in total. Each worksheet features 1 sentence that needs fixing.


How to use this resource


These speech marks worksheets are perfect for using with your entire class as there are 54 different variations meaning each student will receive a different activity to work on.

This speech marks resource is also perfect for using with smaller groups or as a Literacy Center. These worksheets can be laminated or placed into dry erase folders before use. Your students can then use dry erase markers to complete the activity then simply wipe clean when done. This means your students can get lots of practise at using speech marks in sentences!

Speech Marks Worksheets Fix & Draw

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