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Phonics Posters Digraphs Pastel Class Decor Pre-K Kindergarten 1st Grade


This set of phonics posters with a fun, pastel theme will definitely brighten up any classroom while supporting your students who are learning phonics. These posters are suitable for Kindergarten, 1st Grade & 2nd Grade classrooms but can be used with any age that would benefit from them! This set of phonics posters covers 26 digraphs that are listed below. 


Product Overview


  • Pastel themed
  • Suitable for all ages and stages of students
  • 26 posters in total - covers 26 digraphs listed below
  • 1 poster per page


Full Product Description


There are 26 digraphs included in this pack:

  • ai
  • ay
  • ee
  • ea
  • ie
  • oa
  • ue
  • oo
  • ow (as in cow)
  • ow (as in crow)
  • ou (as in mouse)
  • oy
  • oi
  • ar
  • er
  • ir
  • or
  • ur
  • igh
  • ck
  • qu
  • ch
  • sh
  • th
  • ng 
  • wh


The colours included are lilac, pink, turquoise, grey, green and coral.

Phonics Posters Pastel Class Decor

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