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Counting One-to-One Correspondence Activity Pre-K Kindergarten


These counting mats are perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten students who are learning to count and develop their one-to-one correspondence. This hands on counting activity asks your kids to read the number at the top of each mat then correctly count out the number of cubes. Your kids don't just need to use cubes though! They can use other materials such as shells, stones or buttons. 


Overview of Counting Mats


  • Develops counting skills - one-to-one correspondence
  • Covers numbers 1-20 - 20 mats (2 per page)
  • Full color counting mats (but can be printed in B&W too)
  • Suitable for Pre-K & Kindergarten students


Full Description of Counting Mats


This fun, hands-on counting activity helps children to develop their one-to-one correspondence skills while counting. 


Children read the number at the top of the activity mat ( they can also read the number from the dice faces which develops their subitizing skills too!). Children then use unifix or click cubes to build the correct number of cubes. Children can then count the total number of cubes again to develop their one-to-one correspondence skills when counting. 


This pack includes an activity mat for numbers 0-20.


There are 20 color counting cards in total (two per page).


How to use this resource


This counting resource is perfect for using in small groups or as a Math Center. You can either laminate or place each mat into a dry erase folder before use. Your kids can then use various materials and practise counting out the amounts at the top of each mat. 

As there are 20 counting mats included in this activity, it is also ideal for using with your entire class as you can ensure more students receive a different number to work with.

Counting One-to-One Correspondence Activity