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Autumn Fall Craft Activities Kindergarten Preschool


These Autumn or Fall themed crafts are perfect for Kindergarten and Preschool students. Students can practise their fine motor skills while making these cute Fall themed rockers! Your students simply cut out and fold the circle to make the rocker then cut out and stick on the Fall themed picture. Your students can then decorate them as they wish!


Overview of Fall Rocker Craft


  • Suitable for Preschool and Kindergarten students
  • Develops fine motor & cutting skills
  • Fall themed
  • Includes 20 different craft designs


How to use this resource


These Fall themed rocker crafts are a great Autumn themed activity to use with your entire class to help them develop their fine motor and cutting skills. You can also spend time discussing thing they might see during the Fall season as they are making their crafts.

These Autumn crafts can also be used with smaller groups and can be used to stimulate discussions about the Fall season while your students are practising their fine motor and cutting skills.

Autumn Fall Craft Activities

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