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Pastel Alphabet Bunting


This gorgeous pastel-themed resource can be used to decorate your classroom! You can either attach it to a string to pin up across your room or use it to decorate bulletin boards. The pastel colour scheme is perfect for creating a calming classroom environment.


Product Overview


  • Bunting to decorate your classroom
  • Suitable for all ages and classrooms
  • Includes 6 different variations
  • Variations include lower case, upper case and both lower case & upper case on the same bunting design
  • There are 6 pastel colors featured within the design
  • 78 pages in total
  • There are 2 pieces of bunting per page



Full Description


This bunting pack includes 2 different pastel designs each including 6 different pastel colors - turquoise, lilac, pink, green, coral and grey.


With each design there is a set of bunting with:


  • lower case letters
  • upper case letters
  • Both lower & upper case letters

Alphabet Bunting Pastel Class Decor

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