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Fact Families Addition Subtraction Mats Kindergarten 1st Grade


These fact family think board mats are perfect for Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade students who are learning to add using different addition strategies. This addition and subtraction activity focuses on learning about the number fact families when adding and subtracting. Students can look at the addition calculation in the centre of the mat then show their thinking in different ways using the different sections on the addition mat including using a number line, writing the addition problem, drawing a picture and the related fact families.


Product Overview


  • Covers addition using different strategies including fact families
  • Addition within 20
  • Covers following addition strategies: fact families, number line, drawing a picture and writing addition problem
  • Suitable for Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade students
  • Differentiated
  • 30 mats in total


Full Description


These Think Boards are Differentiated and cover the following levels of difficulty.


  • Addition within 5
  • Addition within 10
  • Addition within 20


Each Addition Think Board features an Addition calculation for your students to calculate. Your students are asked to show their thinking in four different ways:


  • Draw a picture
  • Fact Families - Write down related addition & subtraction calculations
  • Number Line
  • Number Sentence/Equation


I have also included a blank Addition Think Board if you would rather use your own Addition Calculations!


How to use this resource


As this addition resource includes 30 different strategy mats it is an ideal activity to use with your entire class as you can ensure that every student receives a different addition mat to work on.

This addition activity is differentiated as explained above which means you are sure to find a variation of this resource to suit the needs of all your students.

This addition activity exploring fact families is also perfect for using with smaller groups or as a Math Center. You can either laminate each addition mat or place them into dry erase folders. Your kids then use dry erase markers to complete the activity and wipe the mats clean when done. This means you can use this resource over and over again saving you time and money!

Fact Families Think Board Activity