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Addition Subtraction Word Problems Numbers 0-5 Pre-K Kindergarten


These addition & subtraction word problem activities are perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten students who are learning to add and subtract through word problems. This selection of Under the Sea themed Addition & Subtraction Word Problems cover addition and subtraction within 5. This set includes 9 addition and 8 subtraction different word problems. Your students can cut out and use the manipulatives included with each worksheet to help them work out the answer.


Product Overview


  • Covers addition & subtraction within 5
  • Includes manipulatives that can be cut out and used.
  • Under the Sea themed
  • Includes 17 worksheets in total
  • Includes black & white and color versions


Full Description 


Students can read the word problem, count out the images required, manipulate them to answer the problem then stick them on the worksheet. Students can then write out the number sentence (or equation) at the bottom of the page.


Students are always given 5 images no matter what the calculation to encourage them to read the question to figure out what they need.


There are both color and black and white versions of this activity.


On both versions, students can color in the images in the activity.


How to use this resource


As this activity covers both addition & subtraction it can be used to introduce both concepts. Since this activity is very hands on it is perfect for helping your students visualise adding and subtracting objects. 

Since your students will need to read the word problems to understand what they need to do some adult support is required to complete this activity. 

Each worksheet can either be laminated or placed into dry erase pockets before use. Your students can then manipulate the pictures to help them solve the addition & subtraction problems without sticking the images down. This means this resource can be used over and over again saving you time and money!

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

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