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Math Area Set Up Tips

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

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Today I wanted to share some tips about setting up your Math or Numeracy area in your classroom.

Tip 1

You can add paper to your Numeracy/Maths area for children to use. This can be squared or even blank depending on your children's learning needs. This will help encourage your students to practise number formation, number sequencing and when they are ready number sentences and calculations.

Tip 2

You can add prompts and learning resources such as number lines, 100 squares, multiplication squares, number bunting or number bond posters to support learning. You could either display these or have them accessible to children in little pockets on the wall. If you are looking for Math display resources, I have a Math display pack available here! Or you can check out some of my pastel themed Math resources below!

Tip 3

You can use concrete materials such as cubes or tens and ones to support learning. Also consider using loose parts such as shells, stones and buttons too. These can be used to develop skills such as counting, addition, subtraction etc and are a really affordable addition to your Math area.

Tip 4

Numeracy and Maths themed books are a great addition to a Numeracy/Maths area. These can be both fiction and non-fiction. By adding some books that explore numbers you are encouraging children to talk about numbers and involve it in their story writing or role play.

Tip 5

Store all your Numeracy/Math resources in baskets or trays that are easily accessible to your students. If you label these with words or pictures, children (and you!) will find it easier to tidy things away independently! If you do not have enough storage baskets for your Math resources you could even label spaces on your shelves so your class know where everything goes.

Tip 6

You can display images of numbers in real life environments such as road signs and shop signs. This will show children how numbers are used in everyday life all around them.

Tip 7

You can include questioning prompts for adults to ask children while they are playing in these areas or engaged in an activity. These questions should help to challenge the children and extend their learning. You can display these questions at adult eye height so they are easier for you to see!

If you are looking to brighten up your Numeracy area of your early learning classroom this FREE classroom decor pack includes my Pastel Number bunting I mentioned earlier!

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