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Math Activities with Flash Cards

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Number flash cards are a must have resource for any teacher! There are countless activities you can do with your students no matter their age or stage in their learning!

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Today I am sharing some easy and fun activities you can do with your students using number flash cards.

Number flash cards are super easy to make! However, if you would prefer to print yourself a copy you can get a copy of number flash cards here.

Number recognition

Play a game of Splat! Lay your number flash cards face up on a flat surface and using a plastic fly swatter, ask the children to SPLAT a certain number. You can make this more challenging by asking your students to SPLAT the number that is one more than 5, or two less then 7, for example.


Print two sets of number flash cards and play various matching games like Snap. You can also play a memory match game where you lay out both sets of cards face down. Children take turns to turn over two cards at a time to try and find matching pairs.


Ask your students to put your number flash cards in the correct order. To make this activity more challenging you could even do this backwards, in 2s, 5s or 10s.

Missing Number

Lay out a sequence of number flash cards with one or more missing numbers. Ask the children to find the missing number out of the selection of cards. Your students can then have a turn at doing this next!


Give children a number card and ask them to correctly count out that number of objects. Your students can use a variety of objects each time to keep this activity interesting. They can use cubes, buttons, shells etc.

One more/one less

Hold up a number card and ask children to write down or say one more or one less than the given number. To make this activity more hands on, students can count the correct number of objects that is one more or one less than the number you have shown them.

Odd and Even

Sort the number flash cards into two different piles. One pile for odd numbers and one pile for even numbers. You can then lay out each pile in the correct order and have a discussion about the pattern your students might spot. This is a great way to introduce counting in 2s or the two times table.

Number Formation

Use your number flash cards to practise correct number formation. Ask children to copy the number or number word onto paper or a whiteboard. Or to help develop their fine motor skills, children can use small loose parts such as buttons or shells to form their number too.

Number Toss

Tape or paper clip your number flash cards to plastic cups/small buckets. Say a number and ask the children to toss a small object into the correct cup. You can adapt this by asking children an addition calculation and asking them to toss their object into the cup with the correct answer. This activity can be adapted for subtraction, multiplication, number bonds etc.

Addition & Subtraction

You can use number cards to practise addition and subtraction. Ask the children to choose two number flash cards then use these to create their own addition calculations by adding the numbers together. Students can also choose two number flash cards to create their own subtraction calculation too.

Number Bonds

Hold up a number card and ask the children to find the corresponding card that makes a number bond to 10, 20, 100 etc. Students can say their answer or write it down on paper or a whiteboard.

Number flash cards are extremely easy to make using just some card or paper and pens. However, if you would like to save some time and print yourself a copy, you can grab yourself a set of number flash cards here!

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