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How to Make Flash Cards Digital!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Today I wanted to share different ways you can use flash cards digitally. This may be useful if you are teaching your kids virtually or if you are in the classroom but needing to social distance, making using traditional flash cards tricky. By converting flash cards into these digital formats they can be easily sent home with your students too!

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Convert them to PDF

After creating your flash cards on your chosen programme such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Word, you can easily save them as a PDF. Then, when using them with your class you can easily display them on a Smart Board for you all to look at together. Converting them to PDF also means you can send them to students electronically and they shouldn't be able to edit them. Perfect for remote learning.

Create them in Microsoft PowerPoint

Creating your flash cards in Microsoft PowerPoint means that you can flick through them on your Smart Board in class. You can add effects and transitions to make them more engaging. You can also make them interactive! However, if you plan to email them to students remember to lock them in some way so that your students can not edit the information!

Boom Learning

Putting your flash cards onto Boom Learning is a fantastic way to convert your flash cards into a game or quiz. Boom Learning is an online platform where you can upload task cards or flash cards for your students to access in school and at home. Both you and your students would need to create an account but it is free! Children can flick through your flash cards just like they would in real life. The added bonus is you can add self correcting question cards at the end of your set of flash cards to see how much your students have learned.

Check out to learn more!

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