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Educational Websites for Early Learners

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Below you will find some fantastic educational websites for early learners. These websites are great for using in the classroom as well as at home! Just click on the website name to check them out.

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This website has soooo many games that cover lots of different subject areas. Another great thing about this website is that it tells you what Core Common Standard links to each game. You can actually search for a specific standard then find games that link to it.

The games are also really bright and engaging! My class love using this website.

This website is free for teachers. Children would need to pay to sign up for a child's account. However, you can still use this website for free and access all the games in class.

There are lots of great phonics games on this website that follow a clear phonics progression.

his website has free phonics games children can play in school or at home. However, to get the full version you would need to pay for a membership.

This website also has free phonics and letter formation activities available. These are particularly good activities to do on a Smart Board in class or on a tablet at home.

This is another great website with a wide selection of free online games that cover loads of different subject areas. You can actually search for a game in a certain subject area as well as age-range on this site. A personal favourite is the game "Hit the Button". A quick fire Maths game which looks at times tables, number bonds etc.

This website has games that follow a progression from letters and sounds to sentences. It is free to play this game on the website, however, to access the app on a tablet you do need to buy the app but it is really affordable.

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