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Valentines Day Addition with a number line Task Cards Kindergarten 1st Grade


These addition with a number line task cards are fantastic for Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade students who are learning to add using a number line. A selection of addition task cards with a Valentine's Day theme. Each task card includes a different addition calculation. There is a number line underneath each calculation for children to use to help them work out the answer.


Overview of Valentines Day Addition Task Cards


  • Addition using a number line
  • Suitable for Pre- K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade students
  • Covers numbers 0 - 20
  • 78 task cards
  • Task cards in full color
  • Response worksheet included to record answers


This pack of task cards is differentiated and includes the following:


26 task cards covering