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Construction Area Set Up Tips

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

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Tip 1

You can include a variety of different building materials such as wooden blocks, Lego and Knex. You can also add loose parts such as stones, sticks and plastic pipes.

Tip 2

Add planning materials such as different types of paper, pencils, measuring tapes and whiteboards so that children can plan and draw their models!

Tip 3

You can display real life images of buildings for inspiration. I've added things like bridges, sky scrapers and the Sphinx to my construction area!

Tip 4

Ensure there is enough space for children to build in your construction area. This might be tricky depending on the layout or size of your classroom. It doesn't need to be massive, just a clear space.

Tip 5

Adding resources like hard hats and tools will encourage role play within your construction area. This is great for linking to developing the young work force!

Tip 6

You can add questioning prompts for adults to use. This a great way to challenge the children while they are playing and extend their learning. These questions can be displayed in the construction area at adult eye height.

Tip 7

Encourage opportunities for writing by asking the children to label models or write signs such as "Don't touch". Make sure there is plenty of writing materials such as paper, pens and pencils so your students can write signs and labels when they need to.

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