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Coaching Sessions

Are you a teacher looking to earn extra income online?


Us teachers have so many amazing skills, why not put them to work and earn a little extra money? But I know what you’re thinking…us teachers are already trying to fit so much into our working week we don’t really have the time to add something else, even if it means earning some extra income. 


My journey so far…


I am hoping that is where I can help. The past year I have been making the transition from full time class teacher to working entirely from home. I still get to teach (which is the part about my job I love the most) but I do this online. I also have a successful online business creating and selling educational resources. This new working arrangement means I have more control over my working hours and as I work online, I can work from anywhere in the world! This past year I have been able to travel (during term time!) and explore places I had never been to before. 


I started my online business over 3 years ago, so it has not been a quick transition at all, and I am still learning new things and making changes where I need to. However, I have learned so much along the way, which is what I would love to share with any fellow teachers who are thinking about venturing into the online business world. 


How I can help 


You may be a teacher who is looking to earn a little extra cash along with your full-time teaching job or you may be wanting to make a life altering career change that allows you more freedom, either way, I believe I can help you get started on that journey.


If this is something you are considering, you can contact me to arrange a free 20-minute coaching session over zoom. This is a fantastic opportunity to discuss what areas you would like support with and to gain some valuable advice on how to get started. 


If you decide you would be interested in further coaching sessions these can be arranged after your initial 20-minute session.


Each 30-minute session will cost £20.


What to expect from my coaching sessions.


Before each session I will contact you outlining the topics of our upcoming session with a reminder of the date and time we will be meeting on zoom. The topics we will explore will have come from our initial 20-minute sessions. We can add or remove any other areas you would like support with depending on how you feel your online business is developing. 


During each session we discuss the areas you would like support with. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions, get advice and feedback on specific areas within your online business. We can both share our screens if you would like me to demonstrate anything or if you would like feedback on anything in particular. Near the end of each session, we can discuss what you would like to work on during our next session.


After each session, I will send you a follow up email summarising what we have covered as well as any next steps we discussed.

To arrange a free 20 minute coaching session with me through zoom just complete the form below. I am excited to hear all about your goals for earning money online!

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I'm so glad you stopped by!

My name is Gemma, a Primary teacher from Scotland who loves working with early years. I never get bored of little ones' sense of wonder!

I have a special interest in Literacy & Numeracy for Early Years and love to help fellow teachers with teaching these subjects!

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I can help you with...

Selling products/Services online

Setting up online stores - Teachers Pay Teachers, Etsy & TES

Product Listings - Thumbnails, covers, product descriptions, product previews, video previews

Product creation - PowerPoint, fonts, backgrounds, borders, clipart, terms of use etc.



Email Marketing



Website creation - Wix

Starting a blog

Online store using Wix

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